14 Spanish recruiters for Iraq insurgency detained

Spanish police said Monday they had arrested 14 people on suspicion of recruiting and indoctrinating fighters for Iraq's insurgency. The arrests were made in the regions of Catalonia and Andalusia as well as in Spain's Balaearic Islands, a police spokesman said. Police agents specializing in explosives and scientific investigation had taken part in arrests and searches in the cities of Lerida, Malaga, Nerja, Sevilla and the islands. The operation continued, police said. They did not immediately give the nationality of the suspects. In June, police arrested 10 people accused of belonging to Iraq insurgency recruitment networks. Two men - an Algerian and a Moroccan - were detained in the eastern Valencia region and in Gerona in the north of Spain on suspicion of forming a network accused of recruiting people to carry out suicide attacks in Iraq. A week earlier eight men accused of belonging to a Syrian-based network that allegedly recruited people to stage suicide attacks in Iraq had been jailed by a Spanish court.