Emergency art sale in support of Ukraine

Whoever purchases a painting, will be asked to transfer the funds to well trusted accounts in Ukraine.   

 Cityscape with Fire (Painter:Ilya Gefter) (photo credit: YUVAL HAI)
Cityscape with Fire (Painter:Ilya Gefter)
(photo credit: YUVAL HAI)

I am Ilya Gefter, an Israeli artist, art educator and founder of the Visual Art Center, an art school in Tel Aviv. As I follow the news and firsthand testimonies of the war in Ukraine, staying passive has become unbearable to me.  I am offering a large selection of my paintings and drawings for sale to raise funds for charities, the Ukrainian army and individual civilians in dire circumstances. I am convinced that collective actions to help Ukrainians are dwarfed by the horror of the events and the long term dangers they present. For me, doing something is a moral and psychological necessity. 

The paintings offered for sale are can be seen and selected on my website: https://www.ilyagefter.com/works-on-sale
Cityscape by Ilya Gefter (Credit: Yuval Hai)Cityscape by Ilya Gefter (Credit: Yuval Hai)

Purchase requests can be made via the website. Whoever makes a purchase would be asked to transfer the funds to well trusted accounts in Ukraine. 

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian language and cultural heritage are major parts of who I am. But my identity is far less important than the people and values I identify with. Over the last five years I've been in Ukraine over 10 times and developed admiration for the country and its kind people. I married a Ukrainian woman whose entire family is living near the capital Kyiv. Her grandmother is 98 and her niece is 1 years old. They are not hiding in the shelter at the moment because they do not have one.  
When the war broke out I was in a state of immobilizing shock. I still cannot deal with the horror but I can at least deal with my own helplessness by doing whatever I can, as an artist and a person. On the first day of the sale, I raised 7,000 shekels, and I hope that it is just a start. I understand that as an individual I cannot gather nearly as much funds as well-organized and well-staffed charities could. But I can commit that every shekel contributed will be forwarded to those in need. There is no operational cost. I can also commit that whoever contributes, will get a beautiful work of art in return. 

Bottle of Water by Ilya Gefter (Credit: Tal Badrak)Bottle of Water by Ilya Gefter (Credit: Tal Badrak)
Dostoyevsky in his novel The Idiot wrote that "beauty will save the world". It would be complete idiocy to think that beauty will save Ukraine. Soldiers and modern arms might. But beauty can make its modest contribution.