Live from Basel, Switzerland – Celebrate 125 years since the First Zionist Congress!

Join the the LIVE broadcast of the 125th anniversary of the historic First Zionist Congress.

125th World Zionist Congress


Celebrate the 125th anniversary of the historic First Zionist Congress! With the participation of the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, and at the initiative of the World Zionist Organization, headed by Yaakov Hagoel, over 1,400 Jewish leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists from around the world will gather to discuss the implementation of Herzl’s socio-economic vision and to discuss the vision and milestones for the next 25 years to deal with the challenges of the Jewish people.

On August 29, 1897, Theodore Herzl convened the first Zionist Congress. Today, 125 years later, from the place where the people of Israel awoke after two thousand years of exile and united to return home, the World Zionist Organization has chosen to commemorate the event in a series of events, the first of which is in Basel.

The conference will be divided into two parts: the Herzl Leadership Conference, which will focus on modern Zionism in light of Herzl’s vision, and the Impact Conference for social and economic entrepreneurship, which will host 125 leading entrepreneurs from the high-tech industry who were carefully selected from thousands of nominations and requests.

On Monday evening, the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, will speak alongside the Prime Minister of the Canton Basel Beat Jans, the former President of Switzerland and the current Minister of Economy, Guy Parmelin, and the Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Yaakov Hagoel. Don’t miss this historic event!

Isaac Herzog, President of Israel: “As the president of the nation-state of the Jewish people, I am thrilled and proud to see Herzl’s vision come to life before our eyes and feel a heavy commitment and responsibility for the future of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Yaacov Hagoel, Chairman of the World Zionist Organization: “Today’s State of Israel is the fulfillment of Herzl’s vision in Basel. Herzl dreamed and also hoped that the Jewish home would be a light to the Gentiles and a house from which light would emanate to the nations of the world. We see today that the State of Israel assists the nations of the world at any given moment, bringing Herzl’s dream and vision and that of the other delegates who came to Basel from all over the world to fruition. Israeli society is very solid and strong, continuing Herzl’s light even 125 years after that first congress.”