Zionism is the nationalistic movement in Judaism which calls on immense support and identification with the historical Jewish homeland in Israel. The movement originated in the late 19th century in central and eastern Europe around the goal of creating a Jewish state in Palestine - then controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Leaders of the movement sought to liberate Jews from anti-Semitism and persecution in the diaspora through the reestablishment of a Jewish state. Since the 1948 establishment of Israel, Zionism refers to advocacy on behalf of Israel.
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‘Palestine’: An Arab- or Jewish-created entity?

History attests to a 3,000-year Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, a genuine non-imagined connection, unlike the created idea of an Arab Palestine.

How do modern Jewish historical moments relate with their Bible portions?

I find many apt connections between significant modern Jewish historical events and the Torah portions that are read during the week coinciding with their occurrence.


WZO presents Ted Comet with award for his Zionist activities for the State of Israel

"Ted Comet’s initiative to march in New York with pride for Israel is a tremendous contribution to national morale" says Chairman Yaakov Hagoel.

Resilience and return: Aliyah amid conflict

A conversation on the future of Immigration to Israel with Rabbi Yehoshua Fass, Executive Director, Nefesh B’Nefesh and Avichai Kahana, Director General, Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.


Jewish National Fund-USA Russell Robinson remains optimistic about the future of Zionism

Promoting solidarity across borders, Robinson remains committed to fostering connections within the Jewish diaspora.

Israel is being held hostage by its flawed wait-and-see mentality

We owe it to our youth, our up and coming leaders, to stiffen our spines and to do what needs to be done – on our own terms – to assure their future.

Zionists are not victims – they have the right to defend themselves and will use it

Zionists don’t need to play the victim card; Zionists need to explain that they are exercising their right to defend themselves and to put an end to the threats Israel faces.

Our eternal city: An essay in honor of Jerusalem Day

No matter what ordinary events shape my day, the fact that they are happening here, in our eternal city, somehow endows them with an extra dimension.

A strengthening of Zionism: Some who plan to make Aliyah talk to 'Post'

"I have been seeing a strengthening of people’s Zionism since October 7. People are prouder than ever to be Zionists and looking to come to Israel and to help the Jewish homeland."


The perversion of religious Zionism

The party that calls itself Religious Zionism not only doesn’t think of land for peace, it thinks of land for war. The hostages are expendable for the hallucination of Jewish settlements in Gaza.

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