Where does Israel rank in the world's most powerful passports?

Israel remains steady and able to travel without hassle to many countries across the world - but which passports are the strongest?

Close up of woman hand with engagement ring holding passport and suitcase (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Close up of woman hand with engagement ring holding passport and suitcase
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Israeli passports were ranked 25th strongest in the world, according to the 2023 Henley Passport Index Report that ranks the strength of global passports on several factors, mainly focused on visa-free travel throughout the world.

Israeli passport holders can travel to 159 nations without applying for a visa. Visa-free travel implies that no application process would need to be arranged prior to traveling between nations, though many require Israeli passport holders and many others to apply for a visa upon arrival, or an electronic visa prior to arrival.

Israeli passport holders can travel to numerous countries without the hassle of arranging a visa, such as the majority of European nations, both inside and outside of the European Union, as well as most of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Canada requires an e-visa for Israeli passports, as does Sri Lanka, a popular spot for travelers from Israel.

The Russian Federation currently does not have any visa requirement for Israel, though, with continued global tension, this is subject to change.

US passport, illustrative (credit: PIXABAY)US passport, illustrative (credit: PIXABAY)

One of the only Middle Eastern nations that allow visa-free travel for Israelis is the United Arab Emirates, thanks to the 2020 Abraham Accords. 

Those who are strong, and those who are not

For a stunning fifth year in a row, Japan has topped the Henley Passport Index as the strongest passport in the world, with open access to an astonishing 193 destinations of 227 worldwide. South Korea and Singapore follow closely behind, both tying for the 2nd place spot on the index. These nations have visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to 192 nations - just one shy of the global leader.

Germany and Spain are tied for 3rd place, with visa-free access to 190 destinations worldwide. UK and US passport holders remain in 6th and 7th places, with access to 187 and 186 nations, respectively. 

Afghanistan graces the bottom spot on the Henley Index, with a score of only 27. Other nations at the bottom of the list are Iraq, with a visa-free score of 29, and Syria, at a score of just 30. These nations "are effectively shut out of a shockingly wide breadth of opportunities for economic mobility and growth," the International Air Transportation Authority (IATA) reported.