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What are the most popular travel spots for Israelis during the pandemic?

Places such as the US and Turkey found an increase in travelers while typical popular spots such as Greece and France had an unexpected decrease.

A new tour book shows you The Jerusalem you’re looking for

In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone really is for everyone, whether you’re reading it on the trail or on your couch.

A young man jumps in the water in Acre's Old City.

Acre over Passover: Attractions you don't want to miss in this urban gem

Here are the top recommended things to see and do in Acre this Passover.

Solomon's Pillars in Timna Park

Head south to Timna Park and discover a new world

Timna holds great archaeological and biblical significance since it is the site of ancient copper mines believed to have been part of King Solomon’s empire.

How did Israel go from Start-up Nation to Stranded Nation? - analysis

Thousands of Israelis are sleeping on airport floors and benches, posting pictures to Facebook and Instagram that are reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal.”

Travelers at Ben-Gurion Airport in March - to bring tourists back to Israel is not an act of lunacy.

Will foreigners be allowed to enter Israel by Passover? - Explainer

Countries using different vaccination protocols and documentation methods make it hard to open borders.

Travelers need more than COVID-19 vaccine

Negative coronavirus test likely to be needed for foreign travel, since destination countries are more concerned about disease carriers.

New immigrants from France disembark at Ben-Gurion Airport last year

MKs demand to know why immigrants' families still can't enter Israel

The policy allowing families of immigrants to enter Israel was supposed to be approved last week.

Ben-Gurion Airport is empty amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus travel in Israel - new policies

The following are the new policies added to the already existing ones surrounding travel and Ben-Gurion Airport procedures

Carefully enjoying Israel's kurkar ridges along the Mediterranean seashore

The cliff creates a beautiful shoreline with unique habitats along its rugged slopes and curved wadis.

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