Ban Ki-Moon slams UNHRC decision on Israel

UN envoy to the Middle East Michael Williams said Wednesday overnight that Mahmoud Abbas's new government should be supported in its efforts to enforce the rule of law in the Palestinian Territories, Israel Radio reported. Williams admitted in his address to the UN Security Council that this mission would not be easy, and praised Israel for its willingness to treat Palestinian casualties. He called on Israel to take further humanitarian steps, among which he included removing roadblocks and, dismantling settlements and releasing prisoners. In other news, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon joined Canada, the US and the European Union in condemning the United Nations Human Rights Council's (UNHRC) decision to single out Israel for special scrutiny. Ban said the decision neglects other parts of the world where human rights abuse takes place and is unfair towards Israel. US Deputy Ambassador to the UN Alejandro Wolff said the UNHRC's decision is a "pathological persecution" and emphasized the UNHCR's "fixation" on Israel.