Bosnian war criminal wants Dershowitz as lawyer

A former senior Bosnian Serb leader told a UN war crimes court Monday he wants prominent US defense attorney Alan Dershowitz to represent him in his appeal against a 27-year sentence for mass murder and persecution. Dershowitz, a Harvard University law professor, was a consultant on the defense team led by Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. that helped celebrity athlete O.J. Simpson win an acquittal of murder charges in 1994. At a hearing at the UN Yugoslav tribunal Monday, Momcilo Krajisnik, a former speaker of the Bosnian Serb parliament, said Dershowitz "has in principle agreed to represent me," but added that there were problems linked to funding that could prevent Dershowitz's involvement. "At this point in time he cannot, but I am firmly convinced that it will soon be possible to do so," Krajisnik told judge Wolfgang Schomburg.