British man admits role in explosives plot

A British man admitted Monday being part of a conspiracy to detonate bombs in Britain and the United States. Nadeem Tarmohammed, 28, from London, pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court to conspiracy to cause an explosion or explosions likely to endanger life. He was accused of being part of a conspiracy led by Dhiren Barot, 34, who was convicted last year and sentenced to a minimum prison term of 40 years. Barot was convicted of plotting to bomb several US financial targets, London hotels and train stations, using limousines packed with gas tanks, napalm and nails. Last week, four other men pleaded guilty to being part of the conspiracy: Junade Feroze, 31; Mohammed Zia Ul Haq, 28; Abdul Aziz Jalil, 34; and Omar Abdul Rehman, 23. Another defendant, Mohammed Naveed Bhatti, 27, pleaded guilty earlier. A sixth suspect, Qaisar Shaffi, 28, has denied the charge and is awaiting trial.