British super spy set to take over as MI5 head

Andrew Parker, a British national hero, will take over as head of the elite MI5 intelligence agency in April.

Incoming MI5 head  (photo credit: Courtesy of MI5)
Incoming MI5 head
(photo credit: Courtesy of MI5)
British super spy, Andrew Parker, will become the next head of the MI5 intelligence agency, the British government announced on Thursday.
In 2006, Parker became a national hero in Britian after preventing an al-Qaida attempt to sneak explosives on to planes via bottled drinks. He is also renowned for heading the response to the London bombings of 2005.
With a long history of combatting a variety of internal and external threats, including serving a stint as deputy director of MI5 in 2007, Parker is a natural choice to replace outgoing MI5 head Jonathan Evans.
Parker's prowess will be tested quickly as US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, amongst other international leaders, are scheduled to partake in the Group of Eight summit being held in Northern Ireland over the summer.
This task will be particularly symbolic as the London bombings of 2005 for which Parker was responsible for responding, occured the last time Britain played hosts to the Group of Eight summit.
In a released statement, Parker said, "I look forward to leading the service through its next chapter."
Parker, the father of two, will take office in April.