Burkini controversy sparks boost in Australian sales

The controversy regarding the Islamic swimsuit has led to an increase in popularity in sun-beaten Australia.

Muslim women wearing the burkini in Western Sydney (photo credit: SAEED KHAN / AFP)
Muslim women wearing the burkini in Western Sydney
(photo credit: SAEED KHAN / AFP)
The burkini bans in France have increased both interest and sales in the full-body Islamic inspired swimsuit, especially amongst non-Muslim women, the Australian designer of the garment said, according to the Guardian.
The burkini has sparked controversy in France with 15 towns banning the swimsuit in the south-east of the country after heightened tensions since deadly terror attacks.
Aheda Zanetti, the Australian-Lebanese who claims the trademark for the name burkini and burqini, claims that the controversy has attracted publicity for her creation, which she designed over a decade ago.
The 48-year-old from Sydney said that she ordinarily receives around 10 to 12 orders on Sunday but “I can tell you that online on Sunday, we received 60 orders – all of them non-Muslim.”
Many messages she received came from cancer survivors and swimmers who use the lightweight, two-garments to protect their skin from the sun.
Zanetti said: “The support I’m getting is somehow about empowering women ... I feel like I’ve been a counselor. It’s a cry of need that they want to have this enjoyment."
“Women are standing together on this. It doesn’t matter what race or religion.”
Zanetti claims that the swimsuit is misunderstood and said: "I wanted to create something that would blend in with the Australian lifestyle and allow for modesty," according to the Daily Mail.