Check out this animal taking a swim in the floods from Hurricane Ian!

A recent TikTok video went viral when an enterprising racoon swam directly up to a newscaster, who was utterly delighted. 

This Holocaust survivor and Brazilian swimming champion is still competing at 98

In addition to her achievements in the pool, all earned since she started swimming competitively at age 69, Tausz Ronai's story of Holocaust perseverance has added to her local legend.


Equalizing opportunities in the pool

This is the largest swimming project in the Bedouin society in the Negev by The Equalizer non-profit, which operates swimming lessons for children from the Israeli social periphery.


Jewish, Muslim women go viral on TikTok for comparing modest swimwear rules

Both the Jewish woman and Muslim woman are shown in the TikTok video to cover their hair and wear long sleeves at the beach.

Swimming pool sinkhole: Safety is not a luxury - editorial

Being responsible is doing your best to ensure disasters don’t happen. Did that happen in Meron, Nahal Tzafit or at the pool in Karmei Yosef?

Swimming pool (Illustrative)

What’s the right thing to do when someone is drowning next to you?

Sixteen people have died in Israel since the start of this swimming season. What’s the first important thing to do when seeing someone drowning?

By Walla!

Sri Lanka PM offers resignation after protesters storm, set fire to president's house

Sri Lankan President to step down from the presidency on July 13 * Israel issues travel warning to Sri Lanka


How a woman with Down's syndrome swims across the Kinneret - opinion

Ayelet Wilk: “I love kids and I love swimming. I make sure that I’m the first in the water. My teacher holds my hand and together we swim the whole way across.”

swimming pool under water illustrative

Too many people pee in swimming pools - and it’s dangerous

It’s hard to say this, but many people pee in swimming pools and it's not only kids. A doctor explains why it’s so bad, especially when combined with chlorine.

By Dr. Liora Berzag Peru/Walla!

Woman with Down syndrome to swim across Kinneret for 9th time

25-year-old Ayelet Vilk will complete the 2 km swim in order to raise funds for 'Sadnat Shiluv', a center for people with disabilities in Gush Etzion.

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