Cape Town Jews mobilize to help victims of South Africa violence

The Jewish communities of Somerset West and Strand just outside Cape Town in South Africa are rallying to help the thousands of African refugees fleeing ethnic violence in the country's shanty towns. Into its second week, dozens of non-South African economic migrants and refugees who sought work in South Africa have been murdered in a wave of violence sweeping the country. Most of those doing the killing are 15-20 year old unemployed black South African boys. In a meeting held in Somerset West on Monday morning, the Bnot Zion and WIZO Jewish organizations mobilized to cook food, gather blankets and other essentials and distribute them to the needy, most of whom have been taken to churches in the Cape province. The move comes just a few days after the South African Jewish Board of Deputies mobilized the country's Jewish communities to gather aid. One prominent member of the Somerset West Jewish community, who owns several fast food outlets, has begun donating food to the needy. Around 10,000 African refugees are currently under army protection in tents around churches in the area.