Czech environmental firm joins with Israeli tech

Cooperation extends from environmental cleanup to protection against terrorist threats

 (photo credit: VKV HORÁK S.R.O.)
(photo credit: VKV HORÁK S.R.O.)
Dekonta, the Czech-based international environmental services and technologies supplier, cooperated with Negev Ecology-Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd, one of the leading companies in the field of recycling and waste treatment, in the design of a biotreatment platform for site remediation (bioremediation of contaminated soil) at the Beersheva Railway Station.
In addition, Dekonta is working in the area of population protection against terrorist threats, in cooperation with two Israeli companies –Supergum Industries Ltd. and IsraTeam Ltd,  with bilateral funding from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, and ISERD, Israel’s official government interface with the European Commission for R&D related matters.
Prof. Pavel Častulík, leading the research project at Dekonta, says that the companies are developing a new generation of autonomous “Air Purifying and Ventilation Cooling Unit” (APVECU) for first responders that improves its active cooling properties, in combination with a personal protective ensemble (PPE) that eliminates the risk of heat stress under occupational environmental temperatures above + 25° C. The operational system of the APVECU will also monitor the current physiological status of responders wearing the protective gear.
The units will apply the latest findings to relieve excess heat, increase protection against hazardous materials, and provide maximum comfort for the users even in adverse environmental conditions.
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