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MK Israel Katz
Czech parliament condemns antisemitism and anti-Israel boycotts

“I wish to thank our Czech friends for this step, which reflects the true friendship between our countries,” Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz tweeted.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Statements with the President of Ukraine and the signing of agre
Netanyahu promises 'there will never be another Babi Yar'

Kiev not moving embassy, will open hi-tech innovation office in J’lem

A SCENE FROM ‘Shotgun Justice.’
‘From freedom to liberty’

The best of contemporary and classic cinema at Czech Film Week.

Andrej Babis
Hungary, Slovakia to establish diplomatic delegations in Jerusalem

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis made his first visit to Israel, as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia create greater inroads with the Jewish state.

Visegrad Group
Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovakia leaders to meet Netanyahu in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has forged ties with central European countries viewed as more sympathetic to Israel's struggle.

Czech Republic volunteers fly in to work in Carmel Forest

Six volunteers from the Czech Republic come to Israel to volunteer for 10 days in the Carmel Forest, an annual tradition since the great fires there in 2010.

Deri mourns at Theresienstadt on official visit to Czech Republic

"The Lord will avenge the blood of all the Jews and of all the children who were murdered," Deri wrote in the guestbook.

Slichot at the Western Wall, Jerusalem, September 2018
Jerusalem of lead: Is Jerusalem is deteriorating?

The president of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, visited Israel this week and came under heavy pressure to follow the US lead in moving the country’s embassy to Jerusalem.

Czech President Milos Zeman and Benjamin Netanyahu at opening of Czech House.
Zeman opens Czech House in Jerusalem, possible forerunner to embassy

“I firmly believe that my fourth visit to Israel will be the opening of the Czech Embassy.”

Czech president meets Rivlin, says Israel is his second home

"In the current situation our friendship is more important than ever," President Rivlin told his counterpart.

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