Czechia is also Moravia and Silesia

From wine trails to the mountains, there’s something for everyone

 (photo credit: DAVID MARVAN)
(photo credit: DAVID MARVAN)

South Moravia, the Haná area in central Moravia, and the Moravian mountains are among the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. These areas feature beautiful scenery, historic towns, extensive vineyards which offer tastes of the best Moravian wines, terrain suitable for relaxing but also more demanding cycling, great food, and modern wellness facilities within sight of the wine cellars. If you get to know these areas in the summer, you may also be tempted by a winter stay in the mountains. The Beskydy and Jeseníky mountains are ideal for hiking as well as for both beginning and experienced skiers. Explore beyond the usual tour guide-recommended places in the Czech Republic.

Moravian Wine Trail

Moravia is the most important wine-growing region of the Czech Republic, representing 96% of the registered vineyards. It consists of four sub-areas: Znojemská, Mikulovská, Velkopavlovická, and Slovácká. Each offers exceptional wines reflecting the specific terroir and climate of each place, and countless interesting towns and villages with their own traditions and rich history.

Getting to know the local wine varieties, cellars, and vineyards can be combined with physical activity. The wine-growing villages from Znojmo to Uherské Hradiště are connected by the cycling Moravian Wine Trail, which is followed by other trails that will take you through smaller areas and offers day trips, as well as the opportunity to ride the whole of South Moravia. You can easily choose the difficulty of the route according to your physical condition.

If you are interested in Jewish history, you will have countless opportunities along the way to visit the preserved cemeteries and synagogues. Be sure not to miss Mikulov, a wine town with a rich history.

Photo: David MarvanPhoto: David Marvan

To the mountains and the valley

The Moravian Mountains have a lot to offer, even to those who are more interested in physical activities than drinking wine. Whether you like hiking, more demanding cycling trips with elevation gain or downhill or cross-country skiing, you will find ideal terrain and conditions in the protected landscape area of the Jeseníky Mountains. The Czech Republic is well known for its sophisticated system of tourist signs, which is managed by volunteers from the Czech Tourists Club. The first hiking trails were marked with colored markers at the end of the nineteenth century, and you will be able to orient yourself according to them while walking, bike riding, or cross-country skiing. The Jeseníky Mountains are interwoven with hundreds of marked routes, with which you can easily plan the length and difficulty of the trip.

The Jeseníky Mountains are a paradise for skiers. From December to March, there are optimal snow conditions. The modern ski area can be found, for example, on Červenohorské sedlo, which lies at an altitude of 1013 m. The slopes are served by a cable car and eight ski lifts. The area is suited for both beginners and advanced skiers. One of the steepest slopes in the country – a kilometer-long black piste with an elevation gain of 277 m – is located here. You will also find gentle slopes and a ski school for children and adults. Červenohorské sedlo is also a great starting point and a crossroads of ski hiking trails, which you can explore on e-bikes outside the ski season. Bike and ski rentals on-site are a given.

Photo: Petr SlavíkPhoto: Petr Slavík

Recharge your batteries

A well-deserved rest should be a part of every active holiday. In Moravia, you will find several modern wellness centers. Aqualand Moravia, in the heart of the Pálava peaks in the village of Pasohlávky, opened at the end of 2019. From the Finnish Panorama Sauna, you can enjoy views of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area and the Novomlýnská Reservoir. You can then cool off in a snow cave with real snow.

And if you still don’t have enough wine, you can indulge in wellness treatments with grape cosmetics with wine oil and grape syrup. You can find wine wellness in Hustopeče, a village that is famous for its almond orchards.

You can also take advantage of the rich offer of therapeutic spa stays. The well-known Moravian spa center is the Dolní Lipová spa, where skin diseases, mental disorders, lung diseases, and metabolic disorders are treated. The spa town in the middle of the mountains is a place for relaxation, and the local professionals will help you strengthen your health, recharge your energy, and lose weight if needed. Slimming stays have a long history here.

Photo: Petr SlavíkPhoto: Petr Slavík

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