Death toll rises to 13 in Brazil ferryboat wreck

A ferryboat wreck on the Amazon River killed at least 13 people, Brazilian officials said Friday, as crews searched for six more people reported missing and feared dead. The Almirante Monteiro, a two-story wooden ferry carrying more than 100 people, sank on Thursday after colliding with a barge loaded with fuel tanks near the isolated town of Itacoatiara in the jungle state of Amazonas. Ninety-two people were rescued by several small boats and the state's floating police station, a 32-foot (10-meter) vessel that travels up and down the river and was in the area at the time of the shipwreck. After recovering 11 bodies, rescue teams suspended their search of the murky Amazon waters at night. Two more bodies were found Friday morning, Amazonas state fire spokesman Lt. Clovis Araujo said.