Ex-Sec. of State: Total victory in Iraq unlikely

A member of the United States' Iraq Study Group said Sunday that total victory in Iraq was unlikely, but that success is possible. Lawrence Eagleburger, who was secretary of state under former President George H.W. Bush and member of the bipartisan commission, said a stable atmosphere in the country should be considered an achievement. "Victory - it depends on how you talk about it. Victory in the sense of total success on our part? No, it's not possible," Eagleburger told Sky News' Sunday Live program. "It would be a victory if most of these recommendations could be implemented and followed and lead to the results we think they will. "Now, if you could define victory, it would be if in one way or another we established a relatively stable Iraqi government in a reasonably stable atmosphere where the other parties, countries in the area, will have come together with us and the Iraqis and we will have been able to sort out the differences and come up with solutions to the various problems there."