Father: Cal State student bailed out of Iran jail

The father of a California graduate student jailed in Iran for nearly a month said his daughter was freed on bail Monday but still faces charges relating to her research of the country's women's rights movement. Esha Momeni, 28, a dual citizen, is scheduled to appear in an Iranian court Tuesday on charges of acting against national security and propagating against the system, her father Reza Momeni told the Los Angeles Times. Both charges could carry lengthy prison terms. "I hope she will go back to LA soon," said Reza Momeni. "But for now, the authorities told us she is forbidden to go out." The California State University, Northridge student was researching a master's thesis on the women's rights movement in Iran when she was arrested Oct. 15 on a traffic violation. The other charges were added after authorities confiscated her computer and video footage of her research interviews.