France studying Iranian response to UN incentives

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said Wednesday he was studying Iran's response to a diplomatic package of Western incentives aimed at persuading the country to roll back on its nuclear program. "It's a very long, very complex document, and we are going to study it and ask our partners ... what they think about it," Douste-Blazy said in an interview on France-2 television. "We made a very ambitious, very positive offer to Iran," he said, referring to the proposal made in June by the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany of incentives aimed at securing guarantees that Iran's nuclear program will only be used for peaceful energy generation. On Tuesday, Iran's top nuclear negotiator hand-delivered his government's over 20-page response to ambassadors of Britain, China, Russia, France, Germany and Switzerland - which represents US interests - nine days before a UN Security Council deadline for Iran to halt uranium enrichment or face economic and political sanctions. "For the moment, we are studying" the response, Douste-Blazy said, adding, "we will tell you what we think and what we are going to do in the United Nations Security Council."