Gallery: Bombing in Oslo's government district kills 7

Suspected car bomb blows out the windows of the prime minister's building before gunman goes on shooting spree in youth camp.

OSLO - A gunman dressed in police uniformopened fire at a youth camp of Norway's ruling political partyon Friday, killing at least 80 people, hours after a bomb killedseven in the government district in the capital Oslo.
Police seized the gunman and later found undetonatedexplosives on the island, a pine-clad strip of land about 500meters long, to the northwest of Oslo.

Norwegian shooting spree kills 87 as 7 die in Oslo bombing
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"The man is the main suspect for the Oslo bombings, and suspected of having driven from the capital to the camp."The bomb, which shook the city center in mid-afternoon, blewout the windows of the prime minister's building and damaged thefinance and oil ministry buildings. Prime Minister Stoltenberg was not in thebuilding at the time.