German woman kidnapped in Afghanistan

An armed man walked into a fast food restaurant in the Afghan capital and abducted a German woman, officials said. In Saturday's kidnapping, four men pulled up to a restaurant in a gray Toyota Corolla, and one went inside and asked to order a pizza, said intelligence officials investigating the incident. They said two other men waited outside, while another remained in the car. The man in the restaurant pulled out a pistol, walked up to a table where the woman was sitting with her husband, and took her from the restaurant, the officials said on condition of anonymity due to agency policy. Ahmad Fahim, who works in a nearby bakery, said that the driver had his face covered, and that the woman's husband called for help as she was taken away. "The man was shouting 'Police! Police!"' and was frantically making calls on his mobile phone, Fahim said. Police spotted the speeding car and opened fire, but hit a nearby taxi and killed its driver.