Germany: Protesters delay nuclear waste shipment

A train carrying reprocessed nuclear waste to a German storage facility from France was temporarily stopped Sunday by protesters who suspended themselves from a rope across the tracks. The activists from the environmental organization Robin Wood stretched the rope between trees on either side of the tracks about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the train's destination in the northern city of Dannenberg, where the waste was to be loaded onto trucks. Two activists, supported by two more in the trees, then climbed across the rope and chained themselves to it, dangling over the tracks. Robin Wood called it a "symbolic action" and police were able to clear the way for the train to move ahead without major delay. The protest was one of many small demonstrations along the route of the train, which left late Friday from the Normandy town of Valognes. From Dannenberg, the waste is to be trucked to nearby Gorleben for storage.