Giuliani denounces troop withdrawal deadline

Republican presidential hopeful Rudolph Giuliani on Tuesday called the Democratic-controlled Congress' challenge to President George W. Bush's policy in Iraq "a terrible mistake" and equated it with waving a white flag in the war against terrorism. "I can't imagine in the history of war anybody announcing a timetable to run out and retreat," he said at an appearance at a delicatessen in this suburb just over the George Washington Bridge from New York City. "I think it's a terrible mistake. To put up the white flag and announce a timetable for retreat seems like a very bad strategy to me." Giuliani's remarks came on the heels of the US Senate narrowly passing a nonbinding timeline that would have US combat troops home by next March. Bush is likely to veto the resolution. "I hope that the president vetoes it," Giuliani said. "The full focus of our energies should be on supporting the troops that are there and trying to act against terrorism, trying to create an Iraq that acts as a bulwark against terrorism instead of a headquarters for terrorism."