Hamas saved Israel

Perhaps this time our awakening will be less costly.

The Hamas victory in the Palestinian Authority will save the Jews from themselves. Allah, not just the generals, works overtime for the Jews in order to rescue them from their politicians' chronic blindness. The question, as always, is only how much Jewish blood will have to be spilled before the politicians, who are again running for the Knesset, wake up from the illusions they are sowing. Will we again have to pay the terrible price of over a thousand people killed and more than five thousand injured, as when Yasser Arafat's bombs woke them up from their dream of "peace" in late 2000, or will we end up paying an even higher price? The victory of the Hamas while Israel is still strong can help us realize the Zionist vision of the late 19th century in the 21st century. There is not and never has been a Palestinian partner for negotiations, ever since the Jews began to return to Zion. Nor will there be one for many years to come. Every Jew with eyes in his head knows that. There is no possibility that the Hamas will change its plan to destroy Israel. That is why Israel must focus on preserving the large settlement blocs, protecting a united Jerusalem with the Temple Mount at its heart and maintaining the security areas in the Jordan Valley, the Judean Desert and the mountain ridge. The extreme Islamist axis that will arise from Gaza to Ramallah, Damascus, and Teheran, which has made it its mission to wipe Israel off the map, has emerged from behind the Middle Eastern scenes to center stage. The president of Iran has already provided this axis with an umbrella of long-range ballistic missiles that he plans to arm with nuclear warheads. THIS ISLAMIC earthquake has already created tremors in Egypt and Jordan. Under such conditions, any additional unilateral concession on the part of Israel will be interpreted as a sign of weakness. Relinquishing the Jordan Valley and Judean Desert as security regions would be akin to abandoning Israel's defense, in light of the possible shock waves on the eastern front. Up until the Hamas victory in the Palestinian Authority, which came as a complete surprise to Israel's security apparatus, Israeli politicians running for the Knesset were carrying on a bizarre competition among themselves to see who could give up the most to the Palestinians. Who could run backwards the fastest in the Olympic race to cause the Jewish state to go bust? All this was a continuation of the booby-trapped Oslo process with Yasser Arafat. Arafat, had been in his youth in Egypt a member of the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood, which was and also the progenitor of Hamas. Arafat's salami plan for Israel's destruction was a great success. Most of our politicians and media were willing to join Arafat's dance of death as they turned a blind eye when he fostered not only the Fatah and Al-Aqsa Brigades, but also the Hamas. Shin Bet reports describe how Arafat exulted, in the presence of his aides, whenever he received reports of suicide bombings. Now that Hamas has come out of the Palestinian closet in all its murderous glory, most Jews realize that this is the true face of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people are proud of their "democratic" choice of a movement that turned suicide bombers into their only industrial product, dedicated to their dream of eradicating the Jewish state. Just like in the days of Arafat's terror, journalists and politicians jumped to explain that, contrary to conventional wisdom, Hamas in power will be forced to "grow moderate," and "demonstrate responsibility." These are the same tall tales that Shimon Peres sold us about Arafat, and is now telling us about Hamas. And just as Arafat woke the Jews up with his human bombs to the cruel reality of their lives in their wonderful country, so will Hamas, which has stockpiled a huge arsenal of weapons and explosives - exactly for this purpose. The awakening of the Jews will once again cost many lives, and will come only after they are roused once again from the powerful brainwashing of Jewish politicians and journalists. But it will come thanks to the Hamas. It took me many years to understand what I heard, during the period of reprisals against Palestinian terror, from what then Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan said to the commander of the paratroops, Lt. Col. Ariel Sharon, fifty years ago: "Arik, as long as there are Arabs in our country, we can live here." With Allah's help too.