'Hiccup Girl' believed to have run away

The 15-year-old girl whose marathon case of hiccups brought her worldwide attention earlier this year has apparently run away from home, police said Monday. Jennifer Mee's struggles with chronic hiccups - up to 50 times a minute for months - made her an Internet sensation and darling of morning television news shows, which aggressively fought to book the ninth-grader for interviews. The hiccups, which stopped for a while but then started again, forced her out of school. Jennifer's sister last saw her Sunday evening at a park in north St. Petersburg, police spokesman George Kajtsa said. Her mother, Rachel Robidoux, reported her missing about 11 hours later. Robidoux said Jennifer was upset after a disagreement with her stepfather over a MySpace.com account they did not know about. They disconnected her cell phone service as punishment. Police do not consider the girl in danger. Jennifer took no extra clothes or her purse, her mother said. Jennifer saw an infectious disease specialist, a neurologist, a chiropractor, a hypnotist and an acupuncturist about hiccups. She tried a patented device that is designed to stop hiccups, plus all the old remedies.