Hundreds march in Berlin anti-Israel protest

Hundreds of demonstrators marched through the German capital on Saturday calling for freedom for the Palestinian territories as part of Iranian-inspired protests against Israel around the world. The annual or Jerusalem Day protest drew 300 demonstrators, including many women and children, who marched peacefully through Berlin's Charlottenburg district under the watch of scores of city police. Authorities had banned the marchers from burning flags or carrying banners promoting violence in a bid to lower tensions after the Iranian president's call for Israel's destruction drew international condemnation. The protesters' banners included one carried by two women wearing headscarves reading "Establishing democracy is the only solution for Palestine." Others shouted slogans such as "Hand in hand against Zionists" and "Freedom for Jerusalem." The slogans were all in German at the request of authorities keen to monitor whether their conditions for allowing the march were being respected. Speakers at a rally at the end of the march spoke out against terrorism, including "state terrorism." They made no direct mention of Israel.