Iranian men don dresses in support of women

The protest comes after an Iranian judge made men dress as women in public as a punishment.

Iranian man dressed as woman 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Iranian man dressed as woman 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
After an Iranian judge ordered men from feuding families to publicly dress as women as punishment, men across the country and even the region have been putting on dresses to show that being a woman is not a source of shame.
Following the April 15 ruling in the town of Marivan in Iranian Kurdistan, public protests were reportedly held in Iran, and men began posting images of themselves online in women's clothes. The slogan of the campaign reads: "Being a woman is not a tool for humiliation or punishment."
"Our protest is against misogyny and the humiliation of women but also against parading men in this way and the humiliation of human dignity. We ask the people of the world to support and defend us,” Maryam, a protester from the town of Marivan, was quoted as saying.
The protesters have set up a Facebook page containing dozens of images of men in women's clothing, and women dressed as men as well.