India: No intel on imminent terror threat

Urgent terror alert for

Jammu and kashmir 248.88 (photo credit: )
Jammu and kashmir 248.88
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India said Friday it had no intelligence of plans by terror groups to carry out attacks in the subcontinent, a day after the Counter-Terrorism Bureau at the National Security Council issued a severe terror warning for India. The anti-terrorism chief at Mumbai was quoted by Israel Radio as saying that Israel and India were sharing information on possible pending attacks, and that the warning from the Counter-Terrorism Bureau came as a surprise. Sky News reported Friday afternoon that a similar warning was issued for British tourists in the Indian subcontinent. The travel warning said a Pakistani terror organization affiliated with al-Qaida and responsible for the attacks in Mumbai last year is planning to carry out a string of attacks throughout the Indian subcontinent. The warning said that while all westerners in India were in peril of being targeted, Israelis and places where Israelis usually congregate in large numbers were in more serious danger. The bureau asked all Israelis in India to steer clear of places where Western tourists gather in large numbers. It put a special emphasis on Chabad houses, which are popular with Israeli tourists, especially during the High Holidays. One of the targets in last year's attacks was a Chabad house, where an Israeli rabbi and his wife were killed. The bureau rated the threat as "imminent and concrete," and emphasized the Jammu and Kashmir regions in India's North. Thursday's warning was unusual, as India is a friendly country and there are tens of thousands of Israelis in India at any given time. Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt - including the Sinai Peninsula - and Morocco are regularly mentioned in Counter-Terrorism Bureau statements, especially during and following Israeli military operations. Nitzan Nuriel, head of counterterrorism at the National Security Council, told Israel Radio Friday that Israelis attending gatherings in India over the High Holy Days, which begin at sundown, should exercise extra vigilance. "Make sure that there is protection from local (security services); armed, visible protection, police cars, jeeps and that kind of thing, which can deter a terrorist," he said. Nuriel said the warning was aimed at Israelis already in India and the agency was not counseling Israelis against all travel to the country, except for the troubled Kashmir-Jammu region.