Islamic Movement preacher to address London conference

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky says Jews aim to conquer the entire Middle East region, lowest creatures on earth, only understand language of killing.

Nigerian preacher Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Nigerian preacher Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
LONDON – An Islamic preacher from Nigeria who refers to Jews as “the lowest creatures on earth” who “only understand the language of killing” is set to speak at a London conference on Wednesday organized by an anti-Israel campaign group.
The preacher, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, is head of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and will be a guest of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), organisers of London Al-Quds Day, an annual demonstration held at the end of Ramadan in support of the resistance movements against Israel.
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The IHRC says that the one-day “Spirit of Islamist Activism” event, held at the Islamic Centre of England in northwest London, will discuss “the major challenges to the revitalization of faith and practice in the modern world with internationally renowned scholars and academics.”
In a speech during Operation Cast Lead last year, the IMN website reports Zakzaky saying that “today is another day of expressing our solidarity with Palestinians who are being killed in Gaza by the outcast Jews.”
Israel’s “aim,” according to the Islamist leader, is not only Gaza “but the whole region, as Jordan, Syria, Egypt will not be spared when they finish with Gaza and that will be the end of their agent, Mubarak of Egypt, if they succeed.”
Zakzaky, who has served several jail sentences during successive Nigerian regimes, also accused Israel of using chemical weapons in Gaza which caused a victim to develop leukemia. Meanwhile, he berated his own country for maintaining ties with Israel, which he calls “the children of monkeys of pigs.”
In an interview with the Middle East Strategic Information last year, former Iranian diplomat Adel Assadinia said that the IMN received funding from Iran and is modelled after Hezbollah.
The movement’s website also reports on an event it hosted with Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusuf Ali, who said that the “utmost aim” of Jews is to “own the whole world and bring it under their control” and “enslave everyone.”
Zakzaky gives a vote of thanks to Ali on the website, adding that “the Jewish plot against Islam is manifested in Iraq as they sent Bush to capture Iraq for them.”
Among those scheduled to speak at the conference are Ahmet Faruk Unsal, a trustee of the Turkish IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, and Sayyed Saeed Reza Ameli from Teheran University.
The IHRC is a Hezbollah and Islamic Republic supporting organization. At an anti-Israel rally in Hyde Park during the Second Lebanon War, its chair Massoud Shadjareh wore a Hezbollah flag as did research director Reza Kazim, who was seen chanting phrases like “We are all Hezbollah” and “Bomb, bomb Tel Aviv.” At a pro- Israel rally in London’s Trafalgar Square in 2008, Kazim was ejected by the police for filming within the roped off area.
The organization also works closely with the ultra-religious Neturei Karta sect by holding its placards during Shabbat protests, to bypass the issue of carrying on that day.
In 2007 the IHRC took the British Government to the High Court for “allowing US arms flights to Israel to to use UK airports.”
The group accused the Civil Aviation Authority, Foreign Office and then Secretary of State for Defense Des Browne of “crimes against the Geneva Convention.” Their case was thrown out by the judge.
The Home Office told The Jerusalem Post this week that the government will be taking a tougher stance than the previous one with regard to extremist preachers entering the UK.
Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Tuesday, Home Secretary Theresa May said the government will confront extremism “by challenging its bigoted ideology head-on.”
“Foreign hate preachers will no longer be welcome here. Those who step outside the law to incite hatred and violence will be prosecuted and punished. And we will stand up to anybody who incites hatred and violence, who supports attacks on British troops, or who supports attacks on civilians anywhere in the world,” May said.