Israel, Turkey hold economic dialogue

Foreign Ministry officials plan cooperation in various sectors.

The eighthBilateral Economic Dialogue between the Israeli Ministry of ForeignAffairs and the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place inJerusalem on Thursday. Both sides raised ideas for cooperation in anumber of fields.

The dialoguebegan with a meeting between M.F.A Director General Yossi Gal, and theTurkish Deputy Undersecretary in charge of Economic Affairs, H.Akil.Bothexpressed their strong support for enhancing and strengtheningbilateral trade and economic relations between the two countries,and called upon the business communities in both countries to engagein active cooperation.

Alongsidescreening general economic indicators representing the trade andeconomic relationship between Israel and Turkey, both sides raisedvarious ideas for cooperation in the health sector, agriculture andbetween the respective customs authorities. Possibilities ofcooperation in the field of finance were raised as well.

In the nearfuture, Israel and Turkey will explore ways to realize these programsand further strengthen their economic relationship.

Both sidesagreed to hold the next bilateral discussion in Ankara in 2011.