'Lebanon files UN complaint over Israel espionage'

Complaint says Israel disregards UN resolution 1701, Lebanese sovereignty and territory.

Remains of Katyusha rocket 311 (photo credit: Reuters)
Remains of Katyusha rocket 311
(photo credit: Reuters)
Lebanon has filed a complaint with the United Nations over Israeli spy devices planted in Lebanese territory, a Lebanese security source told Beirut's the Daily Star.
According to the source, espionage equipment was discovered near the towns of Deir Kifa and Srifa, both in southern Lebanon.
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Lebanon called the discovery of Israeli spy work "a flagrant violation of Lebanese sovereignty, international law [and] resolution 1701," which called for a removal of Israeli troops passed the "Blue Line" which separates Israel and Lebanon and is guarded by UNIFIL peacemaking troops.
The past month has seen a rise in tensions between Israel and Lebanon, with Hezbollah claiming two weeks ago on its satellite news channel Al Manar that it had discovered Israeli spy devices in two villages in southern Lebanon.
Earlier in the month, rocket fire from Lebanon and Israel's subsequent retaliation inspired a separate official Lebanese complaint to the UN.
On Dec. 5, Lebanon filed a complaint to the UN over the IDF retaliation for four Katyusha rockets that were fired by an al Qaida-affiliated group at the end of November. 
In the retaliation, the IDF pounded rocket-launching sites with artillery shells. The Lebanese complaint claimed that only one rocket was fired from Lebanon into Israel and that the IDF fired six artillery shells.
Lebanon criticized Israel for disregarding UN resolution 1701, and international law.
The UN resolution calls for an end to hostilities on both sides, and a complete disarmament of armed groups in Lebanon.