Little-known group claims responsibility for India bombings

Bombs exploded near a busy market and a hospital in a western Indian city, killing 29 people and injuring 88 a day after deadly blasts struck the southern technology hub of Bangalore. A group calling itself the Indian Mujahedeen claimed responsibility for Saturday's attack but offered few other details in e-mails sent to several television news stations, the CNN-IBN station reported. The group was unknown before May when it said it was behind a series of bombings in Jaipur, also in western India, that left 61 people dead. In its latest e-mail Sunday, the group reportedly made no mention of the smaller bombings Friday in Banglaore and it was not clear if the two attacks were connected. At least 16 bombs went off Saturday evening in several crowded neighborhoods of Ahmadabad - a crowded and historic city that in 2002 was the scene of some of the worst rioting between India's Hindu majority and its Muslim minority.