London: Muslim lawyer won't remove veil in court

A Muslim lawyer was at the center of another controversy in Britain over the wearing of full-face veils on Wednesday after she twice refused to remove it during a hearing, leading the judge to adjourn the case. Shabnam Mughal, 27, insisted she had the right to use the black veil covering all but her eyes during the immigration tribunal hearing in central England at Stoke-on-Trent on Monday, despite the judge saying that he could not hear her. That led officials on Tuesday to ask the president of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal to issue a decision about how to resolve the courtroom stand-off between Mughal and Judge George Glossop. When Mughal, who was representing a man appealing a Home Office decision denying a family member a visitor's visa, first refused to remove her veil, the case was adjourned until later in the day, the Tribunals Service said. She refused a second time when the hearing was reconvened on Monday afternoon.