London's citizens call for Mideast ceasefire

Thousands of people marched through London Saturday, demanding an immediate cease-fire in the Middle East. Police said between 7,000 and 8,000 people gathered at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park before marching past the US Embassy and on to Parliament. Organizers - a coalition of peace, Muslim, Palestinian and Lebanese groups - said they expected more than 50,000 to join the march, demanding an end to fighting. Many protesters carried Lebanese flags or placards with slogans including "Yo Blair, go Blair" - a reference to US President George W. Bush's overheard greeting to the British leader during last month's Group of Eight Summit. "The demonstration shows the unity of any normal thinking person in this country that there should be an immediate cease-fire and that the government's line is incomprehensibly wrong," said Jeremy Corbyn, a lawmaker from Blair's Labor Party.