Muslim Danes claim suspected Copenhagen shooter prematurely labeled terrorist

Crowd members chastised Danish society for bias against Muslims, allege rampant disenfranchisement of Muslims in Denmark.

People who knew the gunman remove flowers laid at the place where he was killed by police. (photo credit: REUTERS)
People who knew the gunman remove flowers laid at the place where he was killed by police.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A group of young men, mostly Muslim and many hooded, gathered around the site where Omer el-Hussein, the suspect in Saturday's and Sunday's twin shooting, was killed, kicking away flowers apparently left in his memory, Denmark's TV 2 reported on Monday.
Calling el-Hussein, the 22 year old Palestinian-Dane, their brother, the gatherers claimed that it was against Islamic tradition to lay flowers for the dead.
El-Hussein allegedly shot up a Copenhagen cafe Saturday where a freedom of speech event was being held, killing one and wounding at least two before fleeing the scene.
He is also suspected of shooting two officers and a civilian guarding a synagogue in the neighborhood of Krystalgade Sunday, killing the latter before fleeing again. Danish police then cornered el-Hussein at his residence before killing him in a brief gun battle.
According to TV 2's Danish correspondent, members of the crowd communicated that they believe that el-Hussein was prematurely labeled a terrorist before any sufficient proof was provided. They also showed disdain for Danish society which they believe routinely discriminates against Muslims, especially regarding job opportunities.
Other members pointed at prejudice allegedly shown for the dead, suggesting that while the Jewish Dane killed on Sunday was covered in a white sheet, the suspect's body was left exposed to be gawked at by onlookers.
Police observed the actions of the mob, but did not intervene as the young men removed the memorial and instead put up a simple white paper reading, "May Allah be merciful with you. Rest in peace."
Danes have laid flowers and held memorial services in both sites where attacks took place, but others, seemingly out of sympathy, have done the same at the site where Omer el-Hussein was killed.
Several Politicians have expressed confusion at the motives behind the memorial held for el-Hussein.