Myanmar finally lets in big delivery of cyclone aid, but rejects US offer

Critical aid and experts to go with it were poised in neighboring Thailand and elsewhere Friday to rush into cyclone-devastated Myanmar while its ruling generals continued stalling on fully opening the country to international assistance. Among those stranded in Thailand were members of the USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team. Air Force transport planes and helicopters packed with supplies also sat waiting for a green light. "We are in a long line of nations who are ready, willing and able to help, but also, of course, in a long line of nations the Burmese don't trust," US Ambassador Eric John told reporters in Thailand's capital, Bangkok, on Thursday. Myanmar snubbed a US offer to help victims of an earthquake which may have taken more than 100,000 lives. But it allowed the first major international aid shipment Thursday - four UN planes carrying high-energy biscuits. And on Friday, state-owned television ashowed a cargo plane from Italy with water containers, food and plastic sheets at Yangon international airport.