Navy pulls YouTube video shot on aircraft carrier

The Navy has removed a video from YouTube that was shot aboard an aircraft carrier, saying that some shots might upset officials concerned about security. Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Brown told The San Diego Union-Tribune that Navy officials were worried about the "lack of propriety" in a few scenes from the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier involving the use of safety equipment, said Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Brown, spokesman for Naval Air Forces command. The video included fleeting shots of the door to the ship's nuclear power plant and of a sailor dancing while wearing a full-body radiation suit - which might alarm the Navy's nuclear-propulsion officials who are sensitive about security. Under Pentagon rules, images of any part of a ship's nuclear plant cannot be shown to foreign nationals. Set to a tune by country singer Shania Twain and titled "Women of CVN76: 'That Don't Impress Me Much'," the video posted May 23 was meant to show that women serving aboard the Reagan can do the same jobs as men. Until 1994, the Pentagon barred women from serving on combat ships.