New footage shows where bin Laden was gunned down

ABC network releases photos, video showing the house where the al Qaida leader was assassinated by US special forces.

ABC on Monday released new footage showing the house in which al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight by US special forces in the Pakistani city of Abbotabad, north of the country's capital.

Photos and video show the million-dollar structure where the gun battle took place. ABC said the building sits on a one acre plot and is eight times the size of other surrounding homes. Twelve to 18 foot walls protect the structure, which did not have any telecommunication lines.
US Navy SEALs from Afghanistan flew in by helicopters Sunday night, even though bin Laden had not been spotted in the area. In the firefight that followed, bin Laden, his son and three others were killed. No US soldiers were injured and the raid lasted only 40 minutes long, ABC said.
The footage shows the aftermath of the battle, with blood staining the floors and belongings scattered throughout the house.