Obama to Congress: US TA embassy won't move to J'lem

US president invokes national security interests just as Clinton, Bush did during their terms as part of law authorizing embassy's relocation.

Obama funk face_311 DO NOT USE ANYMORE (photo credit: Reuters)
Obama funk face_311 DO NOT USE ANYMORE
(photo credit: Reuters)
US President Barack Obama on Friday invoked US national security interests to notify Congress he will not move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Former US presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush also submitted similar notifications to Congress during their terms. The notification is necessary under a 1995 law that authorized the embassy's relocation but left the decision to presidents.
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Under the law, such declarations must be made every six months.
Obama issued the same declaration, which under the law must be made every six months, during the first two years of his administration.
Obama's notification did not contain a commitment to moving the embassy at some point in the future, unlike Clinton and Bush who did suggest that this may be a possibility.