Party aide: Bhutto was planning to expose gov't plan to rig election

On the day she was killed, opposition leader Benazir Bhutto planned to give two US lawmakers a dossier accusing the ruling regime and Pakistan's intelligence service of rigging upcoming elections, an aide said Tuesday. Sen. Latif Khosa, a lawmaker from Bhutto's Pakistan Peoples Party, said she planned to meet Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island on Thursday evening, a few hours after the rally where she was killed. She was preparing to give the US lawmakers a 160-page report of complaints on "pre-poll rigging" the government of President Pervez Musharraf and the military-run Inter-services Intelligence Service was engaged in, Khosa said. "(She) herself was supposed to give it to them," said Khosa, who as head of the party's election team, wrote the report.