Pearl's widow sues terror suspects, Pakistan bank

The widow of Daniel Pearl has sued more than a dozen reputed terrorists and Pakistan's largest bank, blaming them for the torture and murder of the Wall Street Journal reporter in 2002. A complaint filed Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court by Mariane Pearl and her husband's estate alleges Habib Bank Limited of Karachi knowingly provided financial services for al-Qaida and other terrorist groups. Backed by the bank, terrorists "carried out the kidnapping, ransom, torture, execution and dismemberment of Daniel Pearl and broadcast those images nationwide," the lawsuit said. The suit seeks unspecified damages for acts it alleges were meant to "emotionally destroy the Pearl family and terrorize, appall and frighten American citizens." Also named as a defendant in the suit is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the imprisoned al-Qaida No. 3 leader and suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, along with an outlawed Islamic charity, the al-Rashid Trust.