Peres calls Norway's King; PM: Israel can empathize

Netanyahu releases statement saying Israel identifies with the disaster, is in shock after Norway terror attack leaves at least 98 dead.

Utoeya island 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Utoeya island 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
After sending a message of condolence to King Harald V of Norway on Saturday, President Shimon Peres on Sunday followed up with a phone call to the King to personally voice his own and the nation's condolences on the appalling murders of innocent civilians in Norway last weekend
Peres told the King that Israel has been closely following events in Norway since the bombing by extreme right wing Christian fundamentalist Anders Breivik, and was shocked by his callous behavior. Noting that Norway is a country that symbolizes peace and freedom, Peres said that the attack on innocent civilians was a painful, heart-breaking tragedy that touches every human being.
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Peres told the King that Israel conveyed its sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones and wished the wounded a speedy recovery.
He also offered Israel's assistance in anything that Norway might need..
King Harald shared information with Peres about the ongoing investigation into the murderous attack, and said that Norway was shocked and grieving. The King expressed appreciation for Israel's show of solidarity at such a difficult time.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu discussed the tragedy at the opening of Sunday's cabinet meeting, calling it a "shocking murder" and saying that "We in Israel completely identify with this disaster and declare our deepest shock over this crime."
Netanyahu said Israel has experienced this type of  horror "from other directions" and knows "the families' and the nation's agony.  Therefore, I again send the condolences of the state, government and people of Israel to the Norwegian people, state and government."