Politicians, others support Israel at rally in Atlanta

"It is time to demolish Hizbullah. We are here to say 'Enough is enough'."

Political and religious leaders spoke in support of Israel's military efforts against Hizbullah at a rally, with some speakers calling for the complete demolition of the guerrilla army. "We cannot negotiate with Hizbullah," said Steven A. Rakitt, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. "It is time to demolish Hizbullah. We are here to say 'Enough is enough."' At Sunday's rally, US Congressman David Scott told a crowd of about 5,000, many waving Israeli flags, that Israel's fight is the world's fight. "There is a cause for the world, and that is for us to go forward from here and stand with Israel, support Israel, encourage Israel to go forth and to disarm, dismantle and destroy Hizbullah," Scott said, adding it also is time to similarly bring down terror organizations Hamas and al-Qaida. "If we cannot get Syria and Iran to turn around, we must be willing to stand up and go forward and dismantle and disarm Syria and Iran," Scott said. Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue made a brief appearance, leaving immediately after his speech. "We've come together today under solemn circumstances," Perdue said. "We want to say with such clarity, we have come together in support for the state of Israel." Added Perdue: "The state of Georgia has always stood by Israel and we will continue to do so." Perdue said his "thoughts and prayers" are with US troops in the Middle East and "also the Israeli defense forces." "We all know the impact September 11, 2001 had on our nation," Perdue said. "Can you imagine living in Haifa today, fearing for your life?"