WATCH: British Jewish prankster interrupts PM May during keynote speech

Jewish comedian Simon Brodkin (also known as Lee Nelson) disrupts Conservative Party conference and is forcefully removed from the grounds.

Prankster interrupts as PM May struggles through keynote speech
A prankster who has previously targeted US President Donald Trump and former FIFA president Sepp Blatter interrupted British Prime Minister Theresa May's keynote speech at her annual conference on Wednesday (October 4).

British Jewish comedian Simon Brodkin, who uses the stage name Lee Nelson, handed May a P45 letter - a document given to employees when they leave their job - as she gave her speech to Conservative supporters.

As he was carried out of the hall, May briefly stopped speaking before the party faithful stood to cheer her.

Brodkin quipped that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who is widely believed to have ambitions to be prime minister himself, had told him to hand the P45 to May as he was escorted out of the conference hall by security guards.

Brodkin had performed a similar prank on Donald Trump in 2016 while Trump was a presidential candidate by giving out Nazi colored golf balls before Trump began speaking.