Report: Pakistan set to declare state of emergency

Two supporters of Pakistan's suspended chief justice were killed ahead of his arrival in Karachi for a rally amid a growing political crisis, according to police Saturday morning. Meanwhil, it was speculated that Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf could declare a state of emergency amid growing civil unrest against his increasingly embattled regime, the British Times Online reported Saturday morning. According to the report, Pakistani security forces were placed on high alert on Friday, and detained hundreds of anti-government activists on the eve of an anti-government rally in Karachi. Pro-Musharraf demonstrations were planned in response, raising fears of violent clashes in the southern port city today. An extra 15,000 police and paramilitary troops have been deployed to Karachi where the country's chief justice, who was suspended by Musharraf, is expected to urge his supporters to step up their campaign of opposition to the government.