Russia Today reporter: Israel uses 'Hitler methods'

Correspondent compares Israeli practices to the Nazis and infers from this that "history repeats itself."

Angry Russia Today woman (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
Angry Russia Today woman
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
A correspondent for Russia Today accused Israel of using "Hitler method's" against the Palestinians on Saturday.
Abby Martin, a presenter for the Russian news channel, said that "Israel is the only country in the world that was paved for a specific group of people that experienced such horrific discrimination and genocide, and for that same group of people to now use Hitler's methods against another minority to maintain a Jewish majority, is insane."
"I guess it's true when they say history repeats itself," the presenter retorted.
In a short clip of Martin's tirade, she claims the Israeli government's "word just doesn't cut it," adding the part that "irks" her is its "utter hypocrisy."