Russia's Medvedev shows off 'dated' dance moves

Moving to beat of 90s pop hit "American Boy" and sporting silver jacket with open collar, Russian president's performance becomes YouTube hit.

Russia's President Medvedev (R) 311  (photo credit: RIA Novosti / Reuters)
Russia's President Medvedev (R) 311
(photo credit: RIA Novosti / Reuters)
MOSCOW - Moving to the beat of 1990s pop hit "American Boy", Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's stiff dance moves became an immediate viral hit on YouTube on Wednesday.
Sporting a form-fitting silver jacket and open collar, Medvedev somewhat awkwardly wiggles his hips and kicks up his heels with other party guests in the half-minute clip posted late on Tuesday.
The performance attracted mixed but plentiful reactions from Russians, with nearly 300 comments only hours after it was posted.
"It looks like Medvedev's swallowed a stick," one viewer commented.
"You dance like my father!" twitter user Stacey Uliss wrote on Medvedev's page, to which the tech-savvy, 45-year-old president promptly posted a good-natured response.
"Age-wise that seems to be the case," he tweeted, admitting the tune and his dance moves were dated.
"We were partying at a meeting with (former) classmates a year ago. The dances/music are still those from the past."
The Russian pop song that set him grooving topped charts in 1990 when its lyrics about escaping with a foreigner struck a chord amid the economic hardship and uncertainty accompanying the collapse of the Soviet Union.