Dmitry Medvedev

Russia's Medvedev: We'd have to use a nuclear weapon if Ukrainian offensive was a success

Former president and current deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, Dimitry Medvedev, said that Russia would be forced to use nuclear weapons if Ukraine's counter-offensive succeeds.


NATO's military aid to Ukraine brings World War III closer - Medvedev

"The completely crazy West could not come up with anything else... In fact, it's a dead end. World War Three is getting closer," Medvedev wrote on the Telegram messaging app.


Medvedev: World on brink of catastrophe if Wagner acquires Russia's nukes

Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, said the whole world would be on the brink of catastrophe if Russian nuclear weapons fell into the hands of "bandits".


Russia's Medvedev suggests Polish president deserves to be executed

Ex-President Medvedev suggests that Polish President Andrzej Duda should be dragged to Red Square and executed via quartering.

Russia's Medvedev says pre-emptive strike needed if Ukraine receives nuclear weapons

Russia, which has more nuclear weapons than any other state, has repeatedly said the West is engaged in a proxy war with Russia over Ukraine that could escalate into a much bigger conflict.


'Nuclear apocalypse' more likely due to Western arms in Ukraine - Medvedev

The United States has committed $37 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since Putin sent troops into Ukraine in February last year.


Russia's Medvedev: World is probably on verge of a new world war

Dmitry Medvedev: "In place of the American military, I would immediately make a fake trunk with false nuclear codes in case he wins, so as to avoid fatal consequences."

Medvedev: US is forcing support of Ukrainian 'Nazi regime'

Medvedev listed why countries from every continent do not need Ukraine to exist, calling on the memory of emotive historic and modern day conflicts and injustices to justify his perception.

Medvedev: Russia must not back down against 'Nazi regime' in Kyiv

Dmitry Medvedev: "One does not negotiate with terrorists. They are exterminated as rabid dogs, poisonous saliva flowing from their mouths."

Russia's Medvedev describes Zelensky, Ukraine with Book of Revelations

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has also compared Ukraine to Nazi Germany and referred to Volodymyr Zelensky as the "head Nazi in Kyiv."

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