Sir Paul McCartney: Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace

Former 'Beatle' says all donations made to Israeli-Palestinian youth peace initiative, 'OneVoice,' will be doubled after December 5.

Paul McCartney, OneVoice  (photo credit: Courtesy Facebook)
Paul McCartney, OneVoice
(photo credit: Courtesy Facebook)
Former Beatles member and British music sensation Sir Paul McCartney is pledging to support a Middle East peace initiative because "Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace," he said.
As of Thursday December 5, McCartney announced on his Twitter feed that all donations made to the organization, OneVoice, will be doubled beginning December 5th.
The youth organization, OneVoice, aimed at educating Israeli and Palestinian youth in Middle East conflict resolution, has developed a Youth Leadership Program, and have set a fundraising goal of £260,000, of which as of Thursday, £15,266 had been raised. 

McCartney also posted on his official Facebook page a similar message, accompanied by a photograph of the legendary musician with young Israelis and Palestinians.
OneVoice CEO Laura Tlinovsky said in a statement that McCartney's support of the motion is a boost not only to us but to the political process. "I call on everyone to join us and strengthen this political process. "
In 2011, McCartney was a featured guest on the popular American daytime talk show, The View, and shared his experiences in Israel, his views about wanting peace, and the inspirational agenda of OneVoice.
During the segment, veteran host Barbra Walters described why musicians are so attracted to Israel, even with no religious connection, and she hit the nail on the head.
"The one way to make sure you go some place is for people to tell you not to come," she said.
Also, McCartney's latest album 'New,' has been voted the fourth best album of 2013 by Rolling Stone Magazine.